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Compact brilliance, powerful analysis, endless possibilities. A new age of XRF has arrived.

Introducing Revontium

Malvern Panalytical introduces Revontium – the world’s first compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer.


Offering simplicity in a world of complexity, Revontium is the only compact XRF spectrometer on the market delivering comparable results and data quality to WDXRF instruments, at a significantly reduced footprint. It bridges the power of floor-standing XRF with the versatility of benchtop instruments to open up endless possibilities.

Compact XRF offers a smaller physical and environmental footprint. Its cost of ownership can be more than 25% lower due to reduced need for consumables, extensive sample preparation, and maintenance.

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A new age of elemental analysis is here


Missed the launch? Catch up here!

We announced Revontium at Analytica Munich this April – the world’s leading trade show for laboratory technology. Attendees discovered the compact brilliance of Revontium with their own eyes in an exclusive launch experience. Read more about the exciting launch of this unique instrument in our new blog.

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Revontium Brochure

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Revontium brings many advantages with its compact XRF analysis. Intuitive hardware and software features make it easy to use. A variety of premium components deliver high-quality analysis in a fraction of the time. Autonomous sample handling keeps the lab workflow running smoothly.

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Endless possibilities for industry

Efficient power usage

Revontium is the perfect partner for the building materials industry. Its compact size reduces the feedback loop in the production plant as it can be placed closer to the production line. Consuming only 200 watts per hour, Revontium also reduces operating costs and provides a sustainable alternative to floor-standing WDXRF spectrometers.

Building materials can greatly benefit from the compact brilliance of Revontium. Discover the endless possibilities in our industry leaflet.

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Building Materials

Data quality in more locations

Revontium operates at ambient conditions without the need for extensive infrastructure or cooling. That means you can spend more time on analysis, wherever you need it most: at-line, directly in the mine, or at the beneficiation plant. Even better: what you gain in portability, you also gain in data quality. Even when placed close to the process, Revontium delivers the same high-quality data as floor-standing WDXRF spectrometers.

To learn more about all the benefits of Revontium for mining and petrochemical applications, read our industry leaflet today.

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Petrochemicals and Mining

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