2024 Malvern Panalytical Future Days

Focus on Semiconductors

The Semiconductor Future Days event gathered distinguished industry experts and our in-house semiconductor specialists to delve into the fascinating world of crystal engineering. This event featured enlightening discussions on the latest innovations, focusing on the essential tools within the magic triangle of processing, simulation, and metrology.

Participants explored advancements from seed crystal growth to the development of SiC superjunction trench MOSFETs, showcasing insights from various key players in this dynamic industry. The event began with a warm welcome from our scientific experts, setting the stage for a deep dive into cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

Join us as we recap the highlights and breakthroughs presented at Semiconductor Future Days!

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Dennis Seibert, Managing Director of PVA TePla
I definitely advise anyone who is invited here to join, because I think it's a great way to also to be able to talk to, to an audience and to present the solutions that you have and within your company. And so if you're invited to this one of these talks, I recommend to take the chance.

Dr. Slobodan Mitic, Head of Research & Development of PVA TePla
It's a nice opportunity to get into some more detailed discussions, some information we cannot find in everyday business because it's all closed business. It was really nice to see the latest advances in terms of simulation, production process, and equipment, and also to hear some further information from analytical about different measurement systems and different processing opportunities.

Andrey Smirnov, Director of Business Development at Semiconductor Technology Research (STR)
I enjoyed this event. It was very well prepared. It was a great opportunity to talk to people on the equipment side, who are on the meteorologist side because this could give me some valuable information and feedback and also some response on what they need and the usefulness of what we are doing.

Future Days - Introduction

We heard some fascinating presentations from guest speakers including PVA TePla and STR Group. We hope you gained valuable insights into the latest advancements in the silicon and compound semiconductor industry.

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Growth of SiC Single Crystals in Large Scale R&D Initiatives – Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities

Dr. Slobodan Mitic, Head of Research & Development at PVA Technology Hub

Dr. Slobodan Mitic discusses the complexities of producing high-quality SiC single crystals using the PVT method, which requires precise temperature control and is affected by material properties. The new R&D initiative at PVA Crystal Growing Systems integrates advanced diagnostics and metrology to improve process monitoring and crystal quality, aiming to reduce development time and costs.

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How Crystal Orientation Metrology Supports Development of SiC Super Junction MOSFETs

Lars Grieger, Segment Manager, Semiconductor at Malvern Panalytical

Lars Grieger highlights the use of high-speed crystal orientation metrology in the development of SiC super junction MOSFETs. This technique, essential for lithography and ion implantation processes, aligns device production with crystal orientation, enhancing yield and process efficiency.

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Latest Advancements in PVT SiC Crystal Growth Using Computer Modeling

Andrey Smirnov, Director of Business Development at STR Belgrade

Andrey Smirnov presents the Virtual Reactor software used to optimize PVT SiC crystal growth. The software models key factors affecting productivity and crystal quality, such as powder source efficiency and defect engineering, to enhance the production of 8-inch SiC boules.

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Silicon Carbide Crystal Growth Equipment for the Semiconductor Industry

Dennis Seibert, Managing Director at PVA Crystal Growing Systems

Dennis Seibert discusses the challenges and solutions in growing SiC crystals for semiconductor applications using the PVT method. The SiCma furnace is introduced as a tool for maintaining stable growth conditions, crucial for producing high-quality 8-inch SiC substrates cost-effectively.

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Using modeling to address challenges in CVD growth of SiC epilayers for frontend use

Andrey Smirnov - Director of Business Development at STR Belgrade

Andrey Smirnov discusses using STR software models to improve SiC epilayer growth in CVD reactors. The focus is on addressing parasitic deposition that affects growth rate and uniformity, aiming to enhance manufacturing efficiency and consistency of SiC epiwafers for power devices.

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Crystal orientation process support from seed to wafer

Dr. Dirk Kok - Applications Specialist Crystal Growth at Malvern Panalytical

Dirk J. Kok presents a rapid, high-precision method for determining crystal orientation using X-ray diffraction. This new technique achieves precise measurements in under 10 seconds and integrates into production workflows, enhancing both research and industrial applications.

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